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About Us

About influenc

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The highly saturated influencer market is currently resting on about $10 billion dollars of investment. Thousands of legitimate jobs are made possible using social media every day, yet the internet offered no space specifically designed for industry professionals to effectively network and create business opportunities—until now.

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infl•u•enc offers the all-in-one solution to organize, regulate, and streamline every aspect of influencer marketing campaigns. Our process gives valuable time back to industry professionals and helps enable effective time allocation to the things that really matter.

No more endless searching and scrolling; the days of overflowing inboxes, long email threads, vague terms and inadequate deals are over. infl•u•enc helps our users manage all facets of their marketing campaigns.

Deep analytics track your campaign’s success and integrates AI for suggestions on improvement in the fields of user engagement, sales rates and brand awareness.

infl•u•enc is legitimizing communication and relationships between companies and influencers. By creating an environment separate from social media to generate business opportunities, the infl•u•enc platform helps you leverage your presence to gain the upper hand in the influencer marketing industry.

Our Mission and Vision

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At infl•u•enc inc., our vision began with a solution. Today, the influencer marketing industry faces three main roadblocks: legitimate exposure, clear communication and easy management. To eliminate the middle ground of alternate communication, infl•u•enc developed the first unique networking platform that fosters collaborations aimed at mutually increasing exposure and driving sales using streamlined processes and integration of predictive algorithms and AI.


Our company values professionalism and time. Both ends of any marketing deal can utilize our platform to guarantee transparency of expectations, simplify communication, monitor campaigns and track overall growth. influenc strives to support and sustain creative careers while soothing the growing pains of our industry.

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