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Why influenc?

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Our algorithm finds the most relevant influencers to help brands maximize ROI from their social media campaigns. The infl•u•enc process is completely customizable and allows us to deep target specific influencers that amplify any brand's voice to the highly receptive audiences in their niche.

When we scan influencer content logs we can ensure that the content made for a brand's campaign will already appeal to their desired audience and outcomes. Using the right influencers helps brands gain greater market visibility, reach larger audiences and drive more sales than through traditional forms of marketing.

Conversely, we give our influencers the tools to reach brands they want to work with and help creative social media users manifest steady careers in the industry.


Consumers trust influencer recommendations 88% of the time when making purchasing decisions.


75% of brands already use influencer marketing. Don’t be left behind; join the biggest brands in the movement today.


Who even sees your ads when 70% of millennials use ad blockers? Be seen. Be heard. Be influenc'd.


Influencer marketing drives 10x higher ROI than conventional forms of digital marketing.

We bridge the gap

infl•u•enc bridges the gap between authentic influencers and brands in a fair and transparent marketplace. Our platform meets all your influencer marketing needs, regardless of the role you play. Create and manage any type of campaign for yourself or clients in just a few easy steps.

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Authentic Influencers

By ranking our influencers based on genuine engagement and followers, infl•u•enc eliminates fake engagement and positions your campaign in the right niche for optimal exposure.


Customizable Campaign Briefs

Whether you have little experience running a campaign or are a marketing professional, our process is fully customizable and can suit you at any level.


Transparent Marketplace

Creating campaigns with infl•u•enc is more than a transaction. Our platform fosters a community of creative collaboration to give your brand an original campaign every time


We're your influencer marketing team

Whether you need fast results from a single campaign or continuous influencer marketing, we’ll ensure you meet your goals.

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Outline Your Campaign Goal

Create your brief, desired campaign outcomes and guidelines for our influencers.


Search and Connect with Influencers

Our algorithm efficiently targets the most receptive audiences in your brand’s niche via the influencers they follow.


Review Content and Results in Real Time

Watch your campaigns come to life and see engagement as it happens.

Cultivate Authentic Brand Visibility

Product Review

Give influencers the opportunity to honestly rate and comment on your products.

Product Promotions

Increase promotional exposure with posts from reliable sources.

Content Creation

Grow your collection of genuine content to use on all your social media platforms.

Launch New Social Media Channels

Kick-start your newest channel with dependable endorsements.

Event Participation and Reporting

Invite influencers to attend and cover your events on their social channels.


Increase awareness by understanding trends to build a loyal customer community.

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Cultivate Authentic Brand Visibility

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Change the way you think about influencer marketing.

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